Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #41 - The Non Edition

You know, since I've not been around Sweetie all that much this week, I've really got nothing to report for her.

The most interesting development, though, is that last night she was crying that she wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed. I felt bad for her. But it's interesting to see that, even though she loves being at Nana's house, she does understand that home is home and that's the best place to be. Soon enough, baby girl. Soon enough.

As for me, Hubby and I spent 3+ hours at the ER last night because of my 103 degree fever. Actually, I was so close to getting out of going (the local doctor said that if it was below 101 by 8pm after taking some Tylenol, then I really didn't need to come in since I had no other major symptoms of infection.). My temp was down by 8pm, but by then my surgeon had called and he wanted me to go in anyway. Ugh.

Three 1/2 hours later, we were finally on our way home again. They did some labs on me and the local doctor said that I was close to having a UTI, but not quite there. And the mesh they put in me seemed just fine - no infection. If it was up to her, I could have been treated for the UTI as an outpatient and been sent on my way. But she had to call my surgeon, and he would have preferred that I be re-admitted for 24 hours so I could get a good, strong antibiotic IV going, which would take care of everything.

However, both docs knew how anxious I was to just go home and rest there. So that was okay. But today, I have to watch the fever again and if it goes over 101, then I will have to do the 24 hour hospital stay. Ugh.

So - we'll see. If I write tomorrow, you'll know I'm home. But if you don't see anything new from me, then I ended up back in the hospital.

Let's hope for staying home, shall we?

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