Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day Off - Yeah, Right

Yay! I have tomorrow (and Thursday, of course) off. Time to sleep in, lounge around and wait for the evening festivities!

Ahhhh..... no. Tomorrow I've got to:

Go to the bank

Figure out how to go to the bakery to buy 2 loaves of bread with Sweetie tagging along (not so easy for me to do on my own)

Give Sweetie a bath (I'm not one of these moms who insists my child take a bath every night. About twice a week is good, so tomorrow's the day!)

Wrap 2 Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew to take back to TX with them

Write/help Sweetie write a thank you card to her Great Grandmother for a Halloween gift she received

Bring all the Christmas and birthday gifts that we just bought tonight for Sweetie into the house -assess what's left to do for her - weed out old toys and used activity books - and hide all the goods

Go to my brother and SIL's house for a Thanksgivng Eve meal/family gathering tomorrow night

Oh, and then it's Thanksgiving Day at the in-laws

And then it's back to work on Friday

At least I'm not doing any cooking whatsoever for the holiday. We're bringing bread to both tomorrow and the next day's events. And hubby is whipping up a mess o' butternut squash. But that's his problem, not mine.

So much for the lounging. Oh well. There's always this weekend.

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