Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

My mom said she's read my last few posts. She thinks I'm too down on myself and that I need to write more positive things. And so, with that, I bring you...

Thirteen Things To Be Happy About

1) We got an unexpected check in the mail yesterday. Woo hoo!

2) As mentioned before, I cancelled/re-situated my stress-enducing jewelry party

3) Because of #2, I don't really have to clean my house anymore (since I'm no longer expecting a house full of guests)

4) Our house's "red room" - I tidied it up this past Monday and it makes me smile everytime I enter it.

5) Sweetie's bravery, determination and curiosity

6) Sweetie's humor

7) My Hubby

8) Mondays off with Sweetie

9) My new "home" and "family" at work

10) The possibility of participating in NaBloPoMo if I want to - while simultaneously accepting that it's very alright if I don't (so far, so good).

11) Likewise, the realization that I'm free to continue with the Thursday Thirteen thing in the coming weeks if I want. Or not. Whatever.

12) Doing the unexpected to help around the house - i.e., raking the front yard

13) Finally having the money to go out to dinner and a movie

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