Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dude! You May Now Commence With The Oohing and Aahhing

So, I ordered one of my own products from my BlanchardCreative CafePress shop. I'm going to give it as a Yankee Swap gift at the MSBA Christmas Party this weekend. I got one of my Milo Mugs. It came today.

In a word, it's - AWESOME! See?!

That's right - none of that half-baked, screen-printed, image-disappearing-after-only-one-dishwasher-cycle crap here, boy. No siree Bob - this is nice! The image is bright and crisp and appears to be entirely baked into the mug - Milo ain't goin' nowhere, baby! Milo is here to stay!

Also, just so you know, on the advice of one of my faithful readers (Hi there!), I added a new product to my store - a messenger's bag. My reader suggested that I might want a second option for bags - one that would more easily work for the wheelchair using population. And thus was born the messenger bag. Yes, it is in yellow, but that was the only option with CafePress. Still, I think it looks nice and should serve anyone very well - wheelchair bound or not.

So take note - Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/Whatever-you-and-yours-celebrate is fast approaching. But it's not too late to order your Milo-loving loved one(s) a truly unique gift. They'll treasure Milo forever because he speaks so personally and positively to their lives.

Heck! I even have Milo stamps you can use on all your holiday mailings. Now if that ain't jolly, I don't know what is.

Go! Check out my store, and my Hubby's too, and see if anything speaks to you.

Happy Shopping. And Merry Everything!


Double Dude! Hubby was just browsing through a catalog we got in today's mail when he saw an item for sale from my aunt! She's a weaver from Boston and I know she sells her stuff in shops and boutiques and such. But how cool/surreal is that to see her name and product in the pages of a catalog?! And just by chance, to boot!? Pretty darn cool/surreal.

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