Sunday, November 12, 2006

This and That

Yesterday I had Hubby take the mail out. Later, I added one more paid bill to the lot - and raised the flag that Hubby neglected to put up.

Later, starting after 3pm, I started watching for the mailperson. I know they always come pretty late on Saturdays, but it was getting to be that time...

Later I looked again. Okay. Friday was a holiday, so that always seems to make the mail come even later the next day.

Later - I'm talking 7:30/8pm, I'm turning on the outside lights to check on the delivery status. Our flag is still up!

Me: Where's the mail?! Isn't it, like, illegal or something not to deliver our mail to us?!

Hubby: I don't know.

Later - maybe around 9pm or so....

Me: Oh. Today's Veteran's Day. Maybe that's why we didn't get mail.

Hubby: Yeah. Maybe.


Bonus Sweetie Saturday (er, Sunday) tidbit:

My parent's lost power on Friday when a tree in the area fell on some power lines. Sweetie had a hard time with it, not understanding that she'd not be able to do some beloved things now.

You can't watch TV because the power's out.

Well, can I watch a video?

No, because there's no power.

Okay. Then let's play on the computer.

Sweetie - the computer doesn't have power either. We can't!

After awhile, my mom asked my niece, who was at her house suffering from a cold, if she'd like some tea.

I can't have tea, Nana.

Why not?

Then Sweetie answers -

She can't have tea because there's no power!

She finally understood.


So, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been switching up my blogroll this weekend. Actually, it's pretty much always in flux, but I've recently done a good deal of changing all at once - taking out some (sorry - I'd keep you if only you'd update more frequently) and adding others. I'd love to add even more! What are some of your favorites? Point me in a direction and I'll surf around. Thanks!

Basically, in my search for new links, I've really come to understand what I like and don't like in other people's blogs. I like people who update frequently, who write (A) brief entries &/or, (B) timeless/thought-provoking/well written/funny entries. Non of this "this is what I did today - I sat around on my butt and took a nap" stuff. Nope - don't really care about that so much.

Also - I like pretty blogs that are easy to read. Not so interested in the cookie-cutter templates that haven't been made to look unique in any way. Likewise, if the font is too small or just not easy on the eyes - I'm not sticking around.

Basically - I'm looking for mommy and daddy bloggers who've got fun/interesting things to say and who care enough about their writing to do it often and well.

With that said, let me introduce you to a few of my favorite reads - both old and new....

Blogs I check out every single day:

My friend Beth over at -

So The Fish Said...


Diary of a Playgroup Dropout

Hysterical Amy over at -



Mom's Daily Dose

And, wow!, a blogging dad! Rob over at -

My Beloved Monster and Me

He's writing a book about his daughter! To be published next year! I can't wait!

Some newly discovered gems:

Girl Gone Child - yeah, I know. I'm late to this party. She's awesome!

Crooked Pigtails - too, too cute. And a fellow New Englander. She's a fabulous story teller.

Oh, the Joys - perhaps one of the funniest new finds I've come across. Love her!

Three Beautiful Things - Just a wonderful idea. This blogger finds 3 things about each day that make her happy. She makes me happy.

Oh, and also? If I could "make" some people I know blog, I would. I think my friend Courtney should look into it. (Hi Courtney) She's an awesome person, a great writer and I know she'd reach a lot of wonderful people with her unique mommy perspective (she's a SB mom too. We need more of us blogging, don't ya think?!) And my brother Rob. He and my sister-in-law Wendy could blog together. Rob is my funny brother and I know he'd be able to tell great stories in an absolutely hilarious way. Plus I know they read my blog and I think others as well. They should get in on the action themselves. I'm just sayin'.....


Finally (yeah, I know. I've totally broken my "short entry" rule of good blog reading material. Oops. My blog, my rules).....

I'm having a Lia Sophia Jewelry Party - internet style! Woo hoo! This was the party I was supposed to actually host in my house this weekend but it fell through and became catalog based. Well, now it's internet based! That's right - I'm bringing my catalog party to you. Get psyched!

Click on this link and see if there's anything you'd like. Type my name - Amy Blanchard - as the hostess and then you're in - look around at all the pretty things!

If you purchase 3 or more items, the 3rd, 4th, etc... items (the top most expensive items) are all half price. Cool deal! But hurry up. I'm closing this party in exactly one week - on Sunday November 19th. So make your selections soon. Thanks. Happy shopping!

Okay, okay. I'll stop now. Gee - I thought I didn't have much to say today. Guess I was wrong...

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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