Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #32 - Retro Sweetie Edition

Sweetie really only said one noteworthy humorous thing this week, so I'll save that for the end. But first, here are some silly things she's said or done in the past...

1) Attribute this one to good ol' fashion baby talk cuteness. But I think it's adorable and I want to have some record of Sweetie's early words...When Sweetie was just learning to talk, I tried to teach her how to say Thank You. But the way it came out when she said it was kee koo.

2) This one is on-going, but she's been saying this for quite awhile now... Pretty much everyday when we all come downstairs in the morning, Sweetie's #1 request is for chocolate milk and for either Hubby or I to hold me with two hands. This 2-handed holding request is also made in the evenings, when it's too cold in the house, or just when she's feeling particularly cuddly.

Oh, and if she sees that one of our hands is holding something else at the time, she'll either adjust and say, Hold me with one hand. Or she'll insist that we put the object down so that we can concentrate all the holdin' goodness unto her.


And now for this week's Sweetness....

As I've briefly mentioned here before, Hubby was commissioned to make a creche (you know, a manger) for a client. One large enough for a big, outdoor display during the holiday season.

Most of the construction of said creche has taken place in our basement. But eariler this week Hubby finally brought it up to our dining room to put the final pieces all together.

Sweetie was very interested in this structure and wondered what it was. He told her it was a creche and that she and I could even help him finish building it.

So Sweetie and I did what Hubby requested and held one of the pieces in place as he fastened it together. As we were doing this, Sweetie wondered,

Are we creching yet?

Also, when we told Sweetie what a creche was - the place where baby Jesus was born - I followed up the explanation with a question for her.

Do you know who baby Jesus is?


You do? Who's baby Jesus?

Um.... I saw her the other day at somebody else's house.

You did, huh? Interesting...

Looks like we've got a lot of 'splainin' to do this Christmas season....

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