Sunday, November 05, 2006

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Let's face it - I don't keep a clean house. Stop by my place anytime and you'll see stuff all over the counters, laundry on the floor, and a carpet in desperate need of vacuuming (if not also a good ol' fashioned carpet cleaning as well).

I try to do better. But, of course, just when I'm wanting to clean up a bit, Hubby seems to get extra careless about what he leaves out where and not cleaning up various spills. On the other hand, when Hubby's the one on a cleaning tirade, he's forever pointing out to me all of my housewifely missteps.

So why is it that for, like, the last 2 1/2 weeks or so, I've been more or less obsessed about keeping house? And not only inside the house, but outside as well. I've gone outside to rake and bag leaves, people! Something is wrong with me!

My "red room" is looking down right cozy these days. Yes, there is still peripheral junk around the edges, but almost every chance I get, I'm up there redispersing items to their rightful homes and generally tidying up.

I'm trying to keep the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned up too. But the kitchen is Hubby's domain, and I often get in trouble if I put something away in the wrong place. I don't do it on purpose. I think I know where things go. But it's never quite right. Yet I do what I can to keep up as much as I can there anyway.

But, you see, the trick to cleaning for me is - I'm much more apt to do it, and actually want to do it, if it's wholey my idea. Like, if Hubby said to me, Hey, you're here all day on Mondays. When I get home I want the living room spotless and all the beds made. Yeah - there's no way. Please - don't tell me what to do. I'll only resent having to do it. (Luckily, I've got to admit, Hubby has basically never ordered me to clean - or anything - like this. He knows better than that).

It was like this when I was a kid and teen as well. Like most kids, my room was typically a sty. And if my parents told me to clean up, I totally didn't want to do it. So many better things to do with my time, ya know? But if I took a Saturday and decided on my own to think of my room as my own little apartment, then I took much pride is neatening it up to look just beautiful. "Homeowner's pride", I guess. Whatever works, right?

So, yeah. If you don't ask me to clean, I'll gladly do it anyway - eventually. And, when I do, I probably won't even tell you that I've cleaned. But hopefully I've done a nice enough job that you'll notice anyway and tell me how nice things looks now. That would be cool.

Yesterday my mom and I went to a party thrown by one of my co-workers. One of her friends is starting her own re-decorating business. She'll come to your home, "shop" around in your rooms, and resituate your furniture to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Very cool! And especially nice that she's using all your own things. What an inexpensive way to liven up your space!

I was thinking of hiring her on to come check out our house. Our living room is basically a big, long rectangle with a wood stove in one corner. We've got 2 big sofas (that don't match each other), a computer desk, a pub table, our T.V., and random toys that need a place to be too. You'd think we'd have lots of choices with how to arrange it all. But that's not our view of things. So - we need help.

But my mom is really awesome at rearranging furniture too. In fact, she was kind of hoping this re-decorating woman would hire her as an employee. Not sure that will happen, but I can "hire" her! I'm just sorry it took this long for us both to realize this. Hopefully mom will come over soon to help me beautify our living room and put things where they make the most sense.

Once that's all rearranged, I can continue on with my secret, undercover cleaning mission. Shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody. I'll get it done. Just leave me be about it, okay?

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