Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Holiday Season Commitments

1) Ohio State Football Party At My Parents' House

2) My Mother-in-Law's Birthday

3) Hubby's Birthday

4) Thanksgiving Eve Dinner With My Family

5) Thanksgiving Day Itself - At My In-Laws'

6) MSBA Christmas Party

7) Holiday Party with Friends

8) Tree Trimming Party At My Grandmother's House

9) Sweetie's Birthday - Obligatory Visit To Santa Included

10) Christmas Eve At My Brother & Sister-in-Law's House

11) Christmas Day Itself - Hopefully Just One House To Visit, Not Two

12) Post Christmas/Pre-New Year's Gathering At Hubby's Grandparents' House

13) And, To Cap It All Off - Surgery.


'Tis the season. Happy (freakin') Holidays.

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