Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Names That Can Be Played In A Game Of Scrabble

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! But, no, I'm not doing a "13 things to be thankful for" list. Too obvious. I'm thankful for too many things to list - one of which is having my family around at this time of year to visit and play games with. Like Scrabble.

My family loves Scrabble! My brother just started a list of people's names that are also legitimate Scrabble words. I think his list is approaching 200 names/words. Following is just the tip of the iceberg (along with their official Scrabble Dictionary definitions):

1) art - an aesthetically pleasing & meaningful arrangement of elements

2) ben - an inner room

3) carver - one that carves

4) dirk - to stab with a small knife

5) earl - a British nobleman

6) fletcher - one that makes arrows

7) graham - whole-wheat flour

8) herb - a flowering plant with a nonwoody stem

9) iris - to give the form of a rainbow to

10) jack - to raise with a type of lever

11) kelly - a bright green color

12) lily - a flowering plant

13) missy - a young girl

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