Friday, November 03, 2006

Ramblin' Thoughts....

Hello! And welcome to Day Three!

Three - it's the magic number. Three, three, three. Fantastic number three. (oh, forget that. It's nine that's fantastic! It's perfectly consistant, it works out everytime.) Three rhymes with tea, which is my favorite drink and which I'm drinking right now. Really - I swear. Okay, okay. So I did have one small glass of white wine. But that was like an hour ago. And small. So - Yup - LOVE tea. Nothin' fancy - just good ol' fashion Salada orange pekoe. My favorite.

So, what are you all doing this weekend? Sweetie and I have a party to attend both days! And Hubby is going to be creche-ing and porching while we're gone (No, I'm not explaining that. It's more fun this way - yes?)

But we also hope to go out to dinner and maybe a movie too at some point. We have free moving passes, but the only movies we want to really see are opening this weekend and won't yet accept passes. So we might not get there. Anyway, we're not so sure we want to take Swee (people - I'm tired. Sometimes we just call her Swee - get used to it) to see Flushed Away at all. Thanks to my dear ol' mom, Sweetie has it in her head that pee and poop, once flushed, goes to a fun-filled place called Pee and Poop Park. In fact, more often than not, once she's flushed, you can witness Sweetie waving into the potty, bidding adieu to its contents...

Goodbye Pee! (or Poop, as the case may be) Goodbye napkin! Goodbye water! Goodbye everything! Have fun at Pee (or Poop, as the case may be) Park!

Because of all this, when Sweetie sees the commercials for Flushed Away she thinks it's about the adventures one can have at said Pee and Poop Park. (and, really, that is more or less what it looks like, right?). However, Hubby and I are leery to take her to see it because we don't want her to end up being afraid to use the potty again. Or, conversely, we'd rather not have her eagerly wanting to go down to Pee and Poop Park herself. She's doing so well - we don't want to rock the boat (don't rock the boat, baby. Don't tip the boat over!)

Dinner, though. Yeah, we'll probably head out for some sushi at some point. Yum! Oh, and Sweetie has officially declared tomorrow to be Booster Seat Day. Nana replaced her carseat in her car for a big girl booster seat a couple days ago. Now Sweetie wants one in all the cars. And so it shall be. Amen.

Okay, well.... um.... I kinda sorta just said my prayers inadvertantly, right? Yeah - let's go with that, m'kay? So - there's nothing left to do but go to bed and dream happy thoughts about booster seats, pee and poop, numbers, tea and sushi.

Oh, boy. Looks like it's going to be a nightmare-filled night....

And a looooonnnnnngggg month.

I'm so, so sorry.

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