Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #30

Sweetie is so verbal, it's hard to remember that she still doesn't quite "get" everything we say. I do love how literal she is, though.

Hubby: Do you want to see a picture of me when I was a little boy?

Sweetie: Yes. You were my age, Daddy?

Hubby: Once upon a time, yes.

Sweetie. No, I don't want a story! I want to see a picture!


I put Sweetie to bed the other night and, just as I turned off her light, she frantically told me to turn it back on.

What is it, Sweetie

I have a blue line on my hand!

Upon taking a closer look, I saw what she'd discovered - the veins in her wrist.

While I can't remember exactly what I said - or, for that matter, her exact words - I can tell you that I did my best to explain what veins were. How they carried blood all over your body and all that. This resulted in my giving a cursory explanation of what blood was, which was pretty hard for me to describe without bringing up images of cuts and owies and fear. But I tried nonetheless.

No matter. As I was going on about the wonders of the human body, with Sweetie seemingly paying close attention, she follows up by asking me/telling me something about eating yummy cake.

Ummmm. Okaaay. Now, I know my explanation wasn't very good. And it probably wasn't even very accurate. But I also know that I didn't make any mention whatsoever of eating yummy cake. So - I don't know. Sweetie's a nut, what can I say?

Yes, Sweetie is almost 4, but it does continue to amaze me that I can hold real, honest-to-goodness conversations with her (above example being the exception to the rule, of course).

On Tuesday afternoon I asked Sweetie if she had fun at her school's Halloween party (actually, it was called Fall Festival because, God forbid, we can't have Halloween in the schools anymore). I asked her, for instance, what some of the other kids dressed up like.

After some consideration, and no further prodding, she informed me that,

_____ was Minnie Mouse and _____ was a pterodactyl.

Wow! A pterodactyl! How does she know what that is? Okay, I'm sure the teachers said it, but still. She remembered the word and said it correctly. Very impressive!

Then I asked about one specific boy I know from her class - what did he dress up as?

He was a cowboy.

No, nothing funny there. Just me being impressed with my conversin', thinkin', growin', happy little girl.


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