Sunday, November 19, 2006

Don't Get Mad, Get Bloggin'

So, the mouse went away (or at least I don't know where it is rigt now. But the cats are both sleeping, so I guess I'm safe). And we got through yesterday's evil day from Hell without too many scratches (seriously - I'd blog about it, but I can't really do that without committing blasphemy against the creche). And now today is Hubby's birthday! So let's move on to the good times, shall we?!

This past Friday my brother and sister-in-law and their 2 kids arrived from Texas. They're staying at my parents' house and will be here all week. They come every year to help us all celebrate.

And so begins the true holiday season for our family. Meaning a lot of family, a lot of food, many gatherings and lots of good times - basically, just plain a lot. This week in particular means spending as much time as humanly possible at my parents' house, not only visiting with my family from TX, but with local family as well. Since Rob is here, EVERYONE is here - that's just how it goes.

Every year Hubby and I get pretty stressed about all the holiday commitments we have to see through. All the places we're expected to show up and everything we'd like to find the time to do just for ourselves. And every year we have to do a good deal of give and take to get all the wants and have to's done. Like I said, it can make us stressed and even angry. Bah humbug!

But this year we'll do our best to take it easy. Maybe start some of our own small family traditions, therefore letting go of some other annual doings. We'll try to make some real time for the three of us to do Christmas crafts and relax in our cozy home watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate. And Hubby and I will try to get away both by ourselves and with friends to either get some shopping done or to simply enjoy each other's company during this crazy time of year.

Heck, Sweetie's ready for the holiday! She spent this morning bringing down all her train track pieces - individually - from her bedroom to our living room (from the train set she got last Christmas and barely played with at all) and had me help her set it all up. And she's just informed us that, since the train's set up, we can now put the Christmas tree in the middle!

Anyway, we will try to enjoy ourselves more this time. And I hope we succeed. But no matter. Every year we're simultaneously stressed, harried, angered - calm, joyous, merry and full of love and happiness. Every year we rush to the Big Finish of Christmas Day - and every year we're so sad to see it pass by so fast.

My main goal is just to take each day as it comes, enjoy every moment that we experience, and have the most fun that we can. And you can be sure that I'll be right here every step of the way spreading our Christmas joys - and beyond - with you.

Ho, ho, ho!

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