Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Party, Schmarty

Remember last week when I posted my List of Yuck? Yeah. And how one of those things on the list was how I have to both attend and host various at-home parties in the coming weeks? Yeah.

Well - I'm not hosting anymore. I give up. I pre-invited (in a "Save the Date" type mass email I sent about 1 month prior to the party date) more than 20 people. I waxed poetic about the wonders and awe they will behold at my awesome upcoming jewelry partty. I said how, even if they weren't "jewelry people" per se (heck, I'm not even a jewelry person) then they could just come anyway and enjoy the good company and have some wine and relax. I made it sound fun. I made it sound exciting. I thought it was enticing.

Yeah. Not so much. Out of 20-some invitees, I only got 1 "yes" RSVP. And that's from someone I invited kind of in a last minute second round group of invitees! Oh, and my mother-in-law said if I needed her to come, she would. But otherwise - no. Even my mom said no! And my aunt, who LOVES jewelry - she said no.

True, some of the no's seemed to legitimately be due to scheduling conflicts. But many were because people just didn't want to come. And this was all from my "Save the Date" email! The actual invitations hadn't even been sent out yet!

So - it's cancelled. Or, rather, it's switched to a catalog party. Good - this works much better for me. And others, I think. No real pressure to buy anything on anyone's part. I'll show you a catalog and if you want something, great. If not, that's fine too. Whatever.

My husband and mom both got it right, I think. People generally go to these in-home type of parties out of obligation, not genuine interest. Furthermore, they usually end up buying something out of obligation, not interest. And when, in my case, you're hosting a jewelry party, you have to consider that jewelry is a very personal thing. People have very specific tastes in jewelry, so it's a harder sell. Plus it's probably going to be more expensive than other in-home party type offerings. I mean, it's relatively easy to justify buying Tupperware or Pampered Chef items. Not so easy to justify a bracelet, ring or necklace. I get it. I really do.

So - what do you all think. Do you genuinely enjoy the in-home party experience? Do you prefer hosting them or attending them? Or do you agree with me, Hubby and my mom that it's all mostly an obligatory thing?

At any rate, I told my husband to never let me offer to host an at-home party again. I've done candles, make-up, food, etc. I can't do it again. I just can't take the rejection.

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