Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pajama Day!

We did all our running around yesterday - took the car in for its inspection, went to the bookstore for an Advent Calendar for Sweetie (and a small one for me), took Sweetie to see The Santa Clause 3 at the movies (Did you like that movie, Sweetie? - Yes, but, um, parts of it were a little not right so I hid my eyes and I was a little scared. - She didn't so much go for the whole Jack-Frost-freezing-the-Mommy-and-Daddy-thing). Then Hubby went grocery shopping and got a jump on his Christmas shopping.

Today - it's Pajama Day! We've got nowhere to go, and a large crock pot of turkey soup to stew. A fire is crackling in the woodstove and I just put a 140+ track Christmas CD in the player. Sweetie is busily playing, imagining that a comfy snowflake patterned quilt from her Auntie is a (Sweetie) Hospital Dancing Room (I don't know - just go with it), a garage to sleep in (seriously, I don't know where she got that from either - we don't even have a garage) and/or a boat with a dancing floor, depending on her whim at the moment. I kind of want to bring down the Christmas decorations (the absolute only season/holiday that I decorate the house for). I feel like making pretty and cozy, but not really cleaning/decluttering. How to do that?????

Well, Hubby seems motivated to declutter - maybe I'll take over once he's done...

Happy Pajama Day, Everyone!

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