Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #31 - The Sweetness of Others Edition

After months of separation, it finally happened. Sweetie reunited for a lunch time playdate yesterday with her former babysitter and her 6 year old daughter. Halleluja!

After lunch my mom, Sweetie, our former babysitter and her daughter headed over to a nearby playground (which was packed because of the Veteran's Day holiday off from school).

Apparently, Sweetie was much more interested in climbing up and down stairways and walking around in general than going down any of the slides. However, at one point she found herself at the top of a fort-like structure with a slide to the bottom. She didn't want to go down.

Apparently, a little boy who was there called my Sweetie a chicken for not going down the slide. Hmmmppphhh......

But Sweetie's friend came to the rescue and stood up for her, telling the boy to not call her a chicken!

I didn't call her a chicken., he said. I was calling the tree a chicken.

Yeah, right. Sure you were, kid.

Luckily, Sweetie couldn't have cared less either way. But how totally sweet of her friend to look after her!

And I guess she kept it up for the whole time they were at the playground. Whenever she saw this boy, Sweetie's friend gave him what for....


Last weekend the three of us went grocery shopping. Sweetie was pretty good, walking along with us and eventually opting to ride in the carriage for the rest of the trip.

Along our way we passed another family out doing their shopping. The little girl (about Sweetie's age, maybe slightly older) and her little brother were riding in one of the car-shaped carriages that Sweetie always prefers to ride in - but there were none available when we arrived. Oh well.

As our two families stopped in the same aisle to fill our baskets, Sweetie and the little girl got to know each other a little better.

LG - Hi. I'm ________ What's your name?

S: I'm (Sweetie)

LG - This is my brother _________

S: Hi.

LG: Are you being good for your Mommy and Daddy?

S: Yes.

How sweet! It was too cute and too funny. Hubby and I witnessed this whole exchange, but the other Mommy and Daddy were too busy discussing what to buy to pay attention. Too bad - I think they would have been impressed with their daughter's politeness and concern for others.


Okay, okay - now for some good ol' fashioned Sweetie-ness....

Last weekend Sweetie was all about nonsense - nonsense words, that is. Some of them were real words used in crazy ways, and some of them were complete Sweetie creations and I can't for the life of me even begin to remember how they sounded.

However, two examples of real word nonsense talk follows:

Chicago - it means either goodbye or that's my Nana (or something like that) depending on the day you ask.

Allergy Ticket - it means Chicago.


The other day Sweetie and I were coming home from a long day of work and school. Sweetie was singing in the backseat.

One way or another I'm gonna gitcha, gitcha, gitcha, gitcha....

What are you singing, Sweetie?

Just a song.

Who told you that song?

No one told me. I made it up.

No you didn't - that's a real song!

No it's not. I made it up!

Okay, whatever. But it is a real song. Crazy girl.

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