Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Very Very Ugly

G - We no longer feel so strapped for cash now that Hubby is working with his dad. It's good, consistent work that Hubby loves (even though his 2 part time jobs make for long, tiring days) and we're doing well.

G - The dishwasher, which I thought was on the fritz, is okay. A wayward spatula was preventing the top rack's spinner from spinning, that's all.

G - I got another added bit of money this week when I got paid for some tutoring hours I didn't actually perform. My student cancelled (repeatedly) too close to our meeting times. So - her parents still had to pay for the sessions and I still got paid. Works for me!

B - I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with a cold. My poor mom has had a cough and been sick since early October, it seems. Now she's cough-free, but much more coldy. Sweetie is drippy and I'm drippy. I'm having flashbacks to last year at this time when both mom and I each had terrible ear infections. Ouch!

B - One of our cars goes in for its yearly inspection this weekend and it's definitely going to mean big bucks. We know we need 4 new tires and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were other repairs to make as well.

B - As the days get shorter and the weather creeps closer to snow season - I'm getting more and more concerned about managing Sweetie when Hubby is at work. For instance, my weekly chiropractic appointment. Sweetie comes with me and I just know that it won't be easy to get her in and out of the car and office when the snow and ice comes. It's hard for me to manage on my own - how will I handle her? But picking her up after my appointment is a lot of extra driving. So - who knows what I can do....

U - I was absolutely LIVID at Sweetie tonight.

Plopping-her-on-my-lap-getting-right-in-her-face-yelling - LIVID.
No-television-and-no-interaction-with-me-until-she-did-what-I-asked - LIVID.
Stripping-her-down-and-into-her-pajamas-on-the-1st-step-up-to-bed-1-and-a-half -hours-before-bedtime - LIVID.

All because she wouldn't eat her popcorn shrimp dinner.

Once she saw how serious I was about putting her to bed early with no story or anything, she changed her tune. Then she ate all her shrimp within a 20 minute span of time and the rest of the evening went smoothly and without further incident.

I apologized to Sweetie but told her how important it is that she eat her food to grow up strong and healthy.

So much for my creative, kid friendly steps to a happy meal time. No - tonight, I was one ugly mutha. And I feel so badly about it....

Pick your battles, Amy..... Pick your battles wisely.

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