Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

My Thirteen Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

I thought today was going to be a very, shall we say, trying day at work. A day to come home and enjoy a nice, full glass of wine after. Thankfully - it wasn't so bad after all. But still - a glass of wine (or mixed drink) is always a nice thing. So I thought I'd celebrate this Thursday by listing my favorite alcoholic beverages (in no particular order).

1) Gallo Cafe Chardonnay

2) Sutter Home White Zinfandel

3) Red Cat Wine - Hazlitt vineyards

4) Schmitt-Sonne Reisling Wine

5) Midori Sour

6) Midori Margarita - on the rocks

7) Amaretto Sour

8) Sea Breeze

9) Bahama Mama

10) Strawberry Daiquiri

11) Long Island Ice Tea

12) Mojito

13) Grampy's Christmas Punch (cranberry juice, ginger ale and Southern Comfort)

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