Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #33

Sweetie's come up with a lot of doozies this past week, what with all the family gatherings, craziness and holiday celebrations...

At Nana's house the other day, Sweetie came in from the outdoors, having just run around and explored my parents' backyard with her cousins.

When she got inside and took her coat and hood off, my SIL commented to Sweetie, Look at your hair!

To which Sweetie screamed, NO! and ran off crying... totally, completely distraught over the seemingly innocent comment.

I went after her to find out what the big problem was.

Why are you crying so much?!

Because Auntie Wendy..... took my mind away! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

What?!!! She took your mind away?

Well, yes, but not exactly....

And then I'm not positive what exactly Sweetie said, but suffice it to say that the great "offense" was Sweetie's Auntie had implied that Sweetie had straight hair (or line hair, as Sweetie calls it) and not curly hair. And woe be to those who don't recognize and appreciate Sweetie's curls. They're her pride and joy, you know, and therefore must NOT be messed with. So there....


Again at Nana's house - Sweetie passed by Nana at one point and noticed that she'd put red lipstick on her lips (much more so for the moistening effects of the lipstick than for vanity's sake). Since Nana doesn't tend to wear lipstick, it really made Sweetie stop and look.

Nana, why do you have lipstick on?

Because my lips are dry and this makes them softer.

Oh. But.... you don't look like Nana anymore.

Oh no?

No... you look like my Mommy.

Hmmmmm..... And I don't even wear red lipstick.....


Sweetie has decided for some reason that our staircase in our house is now called the A Table Pyramid (pronounced Ah Tahblah, as in the French phrase for to the table).

(See, Hubby studied in France and is pretty fluent in the language. Every night at supper time, Hubby says A table to get us to come sit and eat).

Anyway, Sweetie has regularly been referring to our stairs as such. So much so that, when my brother and niece came to visit last weekend, Sweetie took her cousin to see her bedroom and very specifically made sure her cousin knew they were taking the A Table Pyramid to get there.

And this is the A Table Pyramid, she proudly presented, as they trekked on up.

Yeah. I know. I keep tellin' ya - she's a crazy crazy nut girl.

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