Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mama Monday #38

Theme: Outside

I'm not much of an outdoors type of gal. I'm much more at home within my home. Sweetie, however, is a true lover of the outside world!

Every day that she's at Nana's she gets to go outside and explore their yard - almost 2 acres worth of grass, woods and fun. And if my dad is around, you can bet Sweetie is right outside with him, helping him pick up sticks and exploring the land with the added knowledge only Papa can provide.

At home, it's sometimes difficult for she and I to go outside on our own. When Sweetie was a bit younger, I was afraid she'd get away from me and I'd not be able to run after her. Now maybe I'm more afraid that her wild explorations will result in injury that I won't be fast enough to prevent or properly take care of.

Still, we manage. In fact, the last few Mondays she and I have ventured outdoors to rake leaves. And, as I should have expected, I'm finding my biggest problem is getting her back in the house. But I've found a solution that's working just great!

Let's go in and have hot chocolate!

Works every time.

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